Perseverance-by Rachael E.

Though this is coming very late, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. I trust that we all had fun during the festive seasons and we’ve started making comittments towards our new year resolutions. Today is another wonderful day, as I’ll be introducing our new writer Miss Rachael by her first write up for legendwise. Read, enjoy and be blessed. ​ Perseverance:  Tired … Continue reading Perseverance-by Rachael E.

Are you a good parent?

This post is simply highlighting some of the possible everyday thoughts of teens, how they view things from their own perspective and some of the things you might have not considered as a paerent. I might not give a detailed description on everything but just statements that come from the mind. Parents understanding their children or not Cultural values you try to instill that must … Continue reading Are you a good parent?

Working with people who have the same goal as you

I’ll start with this bible quote “Two cannot walk together except they agree”. We should know that people with different goals follow different paths eventually and to utilize our time and resources effectively we must note this. We will therefore know how far down the road we are willing to go with the indiviual(s). By having people with the same goals as you, it does … Continue reading Working with people who have the same goal as you

Setting goals

I believe most of us already know how important this is. Setting goals is simply giving yourself a task that must be completed within a period, to put it simply. It gives us an idea of where we are going and some drive that pushes us to getting there. Goal setting allows us to mentally visualize what we want and if we can visualize it, … Continue reading Setting goals