This brings to mind a saying/quote I once heard “If you’re going to marry someone, marry someone with a vision and not a television”. 

If we were to think from a normal perspective, what would it be like if we suddenly couldn’t see? We wouldn’t know where we were going, we’ll bump into things and make a lot of mistakes. In short not being able to see would be very uncomfortable and our options might be limited. 

This is kind of how it would be like when we don’t have a vision for our lives. We could easily be distracted, led astray, bump into mistakes we shouldn’t even come across and at the end of it all probably not make anyththing meaningful of our lives.

It is therefore important that we have a vision for our lives, even if it is a minute idea of where or who we want to be. We can improve upon the vision later but make sure you have one to begin with and God will see us through.


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