How the company you keep affects you.

Many of us may not know this or think much of it, but some times the reason why we are where we are is because of the people we chose to relate with on a personal level.​

The attitude and the mindset of the person next to us, depending on the kind of relationship we have with them can easily rub off on us. A good example of this is the mindset you adopt from parents or role models, just like some of your beliefs and principles stem from the relationships you’ve had or have with family members.

In a way it all comes down to our mindset of doing something socially acceptable, the people we surround oursleves with indirectly or directly shape our lifestyle and thought pattern. That’s why sometimes you see rich people have rich people language, art people have art people language, doctors, and so on. 
If we therefore have this in mind and make an effort to assess those around us, we should be able to determine among them whose positive influence we want and that will be to our benefit.

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