Working with people who have the same goal as you

I’ll start with this bible quote “Two cannot walk together except they agree”. We should know that people with different goals follow different paths eventually and to utilize our time and resources effectively we must note this. We will therefore know how far down the road we are willing to go with the indiviual(s).

By having people with the same goals as you, it does not only expand your circle of influence, it also increases the amount of resources at your disposal. You are able to gain access to information quickly and you are able to assist those with similar goals as you, according to your area of expertise.​

Working together to achieve the same goals
By now i believe you should be seing the benefits of this. From a psychological view, this is also an advantage seeing as you are surrounded by people who are willing to get to a destination. There will be room for encouragement and the reluctancy to give up. 

So start working in tandem with the people who have the same goals as you.


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