Having a plan

As good as it is to set goals, we must have a plan to bring it to reality. It is one thing to set destinations we want to get to and another thing to get there.

A good example of this is when we want to build a house. We set the mental goal of ” I want to build a house”, the things you do after that to bring it to life is the “plan”. It is what is between you and your predetermined goal. You could also call it the catalyst to your goal depending on how detailed your plan is.

Have you planned to the end?
Planning to the end

When having a plan, it is important to set an effective plan, one that accounts for almost everything and goes as far as when you goal is actually completed. For very successful plan there is a good amount of work and effort put into it.

Have you planned
Plan step by step

One good way to do this is to get the basics of whatever you are doing down. Then going in depth into each basic to close certain loose ends. Finding alternatives, identifying that which best suits your resources and gives you a good advantage. Most importantly, EXECUTING it.
Remember to work hard and work smart.


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