Are you a good parent?

This post is simply highlighting some of the possible everyday thoughts of teens, how they view things from their own perspective and some of the things you might have not considered as a paerent. I might not give a detailed description on everything but just statements that come from the mind.

  • Parents understanding their children or not
  • Cultural values you try to instill that must be assessed
  • Respect should be earned from your children at times.​
  • Changing rules you set anyhow to suit you
  • Playing on the intelligence of your children( They are not oblivious)
  • Contradicting perspectives, values; saying one thing today and another tomorrow
  • Showing your children your insecurites and taking it out on them.
  • Parents disrespecting themselves in front of their children
  • Parents complaining about each other to their children
  • Not listening to your children( though you say they are the future of tomorrow)
  • Doing certain things or exhibiting certain behaviours without assessing the impact or the effect on the children psychologically.
  • Directing certain parental responsibilities to children
  • Not wanting to ge involved in quarrels or disputes among the children
  • Not communicating what they actually want sometimes to their children but expect them to just read their minds
  • Not being straightforward sometimes
  • Shouting the children down before they have the chance to explain themselves or how they feel/felt
  • Parents hurling verbal abuse on the children due to anger
  • Not even bothering to find out the insecurities of the child/children

There are also other things I’m unable to list. If you have anything to add or comments concerningbthis topic, feel free to do so in the comment section.


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