Perseverance-by Rachael E.

Though this is coming very late, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. I trust that we all had fun during the festive seasons and we’ve started making comittments towards our new year resolutions. Today is another wonderful day, as I’ll be introducing our new writer Miss Rachael by her first write up for legendwise. Read, enjoy and be blessed.

Never ever give up!

Tired of failure and disappointment? You’re not alone…

Throughout my life, I have been through a lot of ups and downs, probably a lot more downs than ups. I am grateful. I have come to realise that no matter how hard I try to make things work out, with my own strength and knowledge, it never works out like planned. This is not to say that I have not accomplished my goals so far. What I am saying is that, God has shown me that His plans for me are greater than what I imagined. Nothing I planned for has come to pass, but greater things have come my way. I consider myself a living witness of God’s mercy. He has shown me that through my struggles and sorrow, He was planning something better for my future. 

If only you can hold on and be patient and persevere…

The bible says that good things come to those who wait. Trust me, it’s very true! God has a plan for you and He has not finished with you yet. No matter how hopeless your situation may seem or how unrealistic your dreams may be, God is more than able to do it for you. Just hold on and stay faithful through the good and bad. Be patient. Persevere. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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